The Freemasons DVD

What “The Da Vinci Code” didn’t tell you about the Knights Templar and Freemasonry connection.

Masonic Film.This feature documentary film on DVD explores the world’s most successful “secret” society – The Freemasons. This is the first and only independently produced, serious film about the Masons. There are no axes to grind here, only the facts about this remarkable group.

Featuring: John J. Robinson, historian and author of the best seller, “Born In Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry”

In this, his only appearance on film, John J. Robinson discusses his own theories about the origins of Masonry as well as its pervasive presence throughout the history of the world.

Also featuring, noted Masonic historian, Jerry Marsengill!


The filmmaker speaks! The Director of “THE FREEMASONS” has created a special article on the meaning and background of the film. Those of you who have seen the film will be fascinated to learn more about the hidden connotations of many of the scenes.

If you are into occult symbolism and/or film theory, then feel free to download this amazing essay.

Who are The Freemasons? Centuries old, they have positively influenced every strata of the modern world. Though their origins are cloaked in mystery, their historical effects on mankind are the focus of this fascinating new feature documentary. Now, for the first time ever, go behind the scenes to view the full story of “The Craft” and discover the true answers to the many myths and misperceptions surrounding it.

Here are just a few of the questions to which you will learn the amazing answers:

* Why do so many falsely believe that there is a link between the movement to establish a “New World Order” and the Masons?

* Was the infamous Casanova assisted in his escape from authorities by influential Masonic Brothers?

* What is the real source of the Freemasons’ fascination with the Temple of Solomon?

* Is there a historical link between a centuries old order of warrior monks and the present day Masons?

* Was Mozart the victim of foul play or were his Masonic Brethren there to help him?

* Why are modern day Nazi-like fascists marching in Russia against the so-called “world-wide conspiracy of Jews and Masons”?

* What have so many powerful and influential men found in Freemasonry that has made them join despite opposition from church and state?

With never-before-seen, selected footage of the beautiful Masonic rituals and a probing examination of this omnipresent fraternity, “The Freemasons” provides the answers!

View this riveting documentary film for yourself and answer the questions of friends, foes, detractors and supporters of the Masonic Fraternity with this objective look at “The Freemasons.”

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Six deleted scenes from the final film.
Subtitles in Spanish and English.
Essay about the film.
Links to interesting and important Masonic web pages.

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